Kolleruplund is everything.

And even more. Kolleruplund is first and foremost the place for people who want to find themselves in the family or among friends.

Kolleruplund is situated in the country with high sky and sheltered from the Danish wind. Thus it is part of nature with plenty of possibilities of activities and experiences on the spot or in the exciting and beautiful surroundings of Jelling.

Add to this the luxuriously furnished and roomy holiday house where the children can play and romp about and where the grown-ups can rest and relax.

Kind regards,
Jytte and Knud Aagesen
























Kolleruplund . Vongevej 25 . 7300 Jelling . Tlf. 7587 3024 . Fax 7587 3034 . e-mail: aagesen@kolleruplund.dk . Copyright